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Are you constantly sharing your local recommendations/travel tips and would love to be paid for them? 

The Stamp ambassador program is a great way for Airbnb hosts, study abroad students, tour guides, travel bloggers, hostel/concierge staff, or travelers to earn extra cash to fund their adventures.

Stamp is seeking outgoing, creative individuals to spread Stamp's brand awareness + grow its network. 


How it works? 

First, apply below to be a Stamp Ambassador. If you are selected as a Stamp Ambassador, you will be able to create your own personal access code. When someone uses your personal access code to download Stamp, you will earn a fixed amount. (Note: The Stamp app is ALWAYS free to download. Plus when people use your access code, they will automatically be following you on Stamp...yay.....more followers of your travels!) The Stamp team is here to support you in your hustle. We will provide you with resources to help ensure your success.


Your hustle determines your earnings so get creative and.... 

  • tell all your favorite travel buddies and post on your social media 
  • create memorable post cards (the traveler's version of a business card)
  • make local partnerships with hotels, hostels, and tour groups
  • place stickers, flyers, or pamphlets in traveler hubs
  • wear an attention-grabbing Stamp t-shirt 
  • get a Stamp tattoo (just kidding!)


If you are interested in applying to be a Stamp Ambassador, please introduce yourself below! (Any questions? Email


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