Warm up your passports, people. The ultimate travel bucket list is here. Spanning 4 different continents and 5 extraordinary adventures, here are the most wanderlust-inducing Stamps from the past week: 

1) Kayaking at Whangamata, New Zealand

This kiwi paradise is famous for its beaches, rainforests, and A+ surf. But sometimes, you just can't beat a good view. This place snags a spot on our bucket list for being so darn pretty. 

Stamp'd by landscape aficionado @michaelbaynesphotography. Stay crushing it. 

2) Hiking at Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is known for its epic views of endless, terraced rice fields. Plus, hiking in this bucolic paradise is the perfect opportunity to sport your new Vietnamese bamboo conical hat. Tra la la! 

@Chaptertravel, we know what you did last summer. 

3) Strolling around Chefchaouen, Morocco

We know what you're thinking, and no. This is not one of Picasso's 1901-1904 blue period paintings. It's much cooler. This beautiful city of blue in northwest Morocco is also famous for its leather and weaving workshops. 

@b_town, thanks for making this unsuspecting stranger famous.

4) Camping in Vancouver, Canada's coastal rainforests

Let's be real, there's nothing better than camping, and Canada's mossy coastal forests are making it rain. So go ahead, pack your ponchos, pitch your tent, and grab some poutine. you'll be saying "eh?" in no time. 

Thanks to @rentoutdoors for letting the world know that Canada has rainforests.

5) Climbing to Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

We can't tell you how it got there, but we know we want to go. This scared Himalayan Buddist site has got to be one of the coolest temples in the world. And if that's not enough, you should know that Bhutan measures its development in GNH (that would be Gross National Happiness). #Bucketlistit now! 

@boundlessjourneys, good karma is coming your way. *Collective Om*. 

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