Hard week at work? It's time to welcome those weekend vibes! We've scoured Stamp for the best of the best, awe-inspiring, bag-packing, job-quitting trips out there. So here it is, our weekend prescription, Rx: canyons, beaches, and... pink flamingos.  

1) BE the starfish in Aitutaki 

Going spread eagle in this Cook Island paradise (which is kind of sort of part of New Zealand) is a sure way to kick that office chair back pain.

It's good for your health. You get sick leave for a reason. 

Stamp'd by @timjordanphotography. Thanks for sharing the good stuff! 

2) Hike in Antelope Canyon

This incredible slot canyon is located near Page, Arizona on Navajo land. Not only epic for the views, this is a top-notch spot to take in the local culture. 

PSA: We do not recommend watching 127 Hours before embarking on this weekend adventure. Buddy system, folks. 

Adventurous and cultured, @hllt23, well played. 

3) Feed the Flamingos! 

As if being in Aruba wasn't beachin' enough already, now you can feed flamingos while you catch a tan. 

Don't forget to bring a couple quarters to buy flamingo food. #lifegoals. 

@jennasilver_ crushed it with this Stamp. You've got us eating out of the palm of your hand!

4) Stay in a Cabin on the Canyon

You gotta love a room with a view. And as views go, it doesn't get much better than this. This intrepid traveler lets us know that you can kick it in charming wood cabins on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

We are so in. 

Thanks to @mrsaylaadventure for this travel tip! 

5) Watch the Northern Lights in Vik

So fresh, so green! You can catch this other-worldly phenomenon on a clear night in near Vik in southern Iceland. 

In the words of this Stamp user, "be patient and persistent". Oh, and go during the time of year that Iceland is dark. 

@jonfuentastic you light up our world! 

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