Travel is better with friends, so we're here to share the Stamp love and give you a taste of the travel life. Welcome to our Bucket List. Please enjoy responsibly. 

1) The Lost City of Petra

Next time you are in Jordan, don't miss the historic city of Petra, which dates back to ye olde 400 B.C.

Pro tip: Hire one of the horse-drawn Bedouin guides at the entrance (time to sharpen those bargaining skillz). These seasoned pro's know all the secret spots. 

Stamp'd by @toni.basic. You're the man. 

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2) Dubrovnik

Good weather, better views! You can hike to the top of this castle lookout for a great view over old town Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

Get your paddle on by renting a canoe to appreciate the super clear water up close. 

Hey, @hllt23, we like the way you work it! 

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3) Lantern Festival in Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town in Vietnam famous for its canals, cool architecture, and silk lanterns. 

The lantern festivals celebrate the full moon and draw a crowd! 

@mohitagrawalpics our horoscope says tells us good Stamps are in our future. 

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4) Jiuzhaigou National Park

This place is all about nature! Located in Tibet, Jiuzhaigou National Park is chock-full of serene lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and wild critters. 

Even better, tourists haven't really figured out about it yet. 

Thanks for your Stamp, @judith1212! We're bringing our prayer flags! 

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5) Sand Dunes at Sossusvlei 

Africa isn't all lions and elephants, people. The sand dunes along Namibia's Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert are the biggest in the world, the largest topping 1,250ft tall. 

Pro tip: Hike the dune at sunset or sunrise, and loose the shoes. 

We agree, @gianfy7, bare feet are happy feet! 

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