No touch ups required. These 5 Stamps didn't need any help to make it onto our Bucket List this week. From underwater to high altitude these travel snaps are giving us some serious #nofilter envy. 

1) Everest Base Camp 

Making it to base camp is no joke, but those who do get views like this. 

At a casual elevation of 17,600-ft, the trek to base camp alone can take around 2 weeks to complete. 

Where: South side of Mount Everest, Nepal

HIGH fives for this awesome Stamp, @macelliot

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2) Assateague Island 

Folklore says that the herds of wild horses that now inhabit Assateague Island swam heroically from a shipwreck off the coast of Virginia in the 17th-century. 

Ok, so there's no deets to back that up, but it sounds pretty good. 

Where: off the coast of Maryland & Virginia, USA

Don't let any neigh-sayers discourage you from visiting, we're with @alisonm that Assateague Island is a great spot to go. 

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3) Snorkeling with Turtles

The Maldives' clear waters are the perfect place to snorkel with turtles. 

Pro tip: For a more authentic and local experience, skip the resorts and snorkel off of the coast of Maafushi Island. 

Where: Maafushi Island, Maldives

Just keep Stamping, @justwotravel!

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4) Capilano Suspension Bridge

This stunning 459-ft long suspension bridge rises 230-ft above the Capilano River. 

The bridge was originally built out of rope and cedar by a Scottish engineer in 1889. The views from the bridge continued to attract visitors for years to come, making this a popular Vancouver destination!

Where: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stamp'd by @tjt1993. No fear of heights here. 

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5) Sandstone by Sunset

This iconic national park draws tourists from around the world to see the incredible geological structures that have formed over millions of years. 

Catching these unique, gargantuan rock formations at sunset adds another dimension. 

Where: Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Thanks for putting the golden hour to good use, @travelloverp, we love this Stamp!

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