It's easy to get cocky when your crowd has the travel vibes on high all the time, but this week they've really crushed it. We're all about local, and all about the unknown. Check out our most Bucket Listable Stamps from this week. 

1) Sunrise From Mt. Kilimanjaro's Summit

Climbing Kili ain't easy - but what an accomplishment! Summiting Africa's tallest mountain can take anywhere from 5-9 days depending on the route you choose. 

East Land Adventures can take you there!

Where: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

@eastlandtz, you've peaked! We don't know how your Stamps could get any better!

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2) Rumah Pohon Tree House

Want that billion dollar beach view? Us too. That's why (thanks to Stamp-extraordinaire, 2travelis2live) we'll tell you exactly how you can get it. 

Pro tip: You can book this exact treehouse on AirBnB right HERE

Where: Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

Stamp'd by @2travelis2live. Almost too good to be true. 

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3) Arashiyama Baboo Grove

Sometimes you just want to feel small. This beautiful bamboo grove is the perfect place to get some quiet time while on holiday. 

Pro tip: Go in the early mornings or late afternoons when the grove is most peaceful.

Where: Kyoto, Japan

Thanks for keeping it zen, @eniladaax!

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4) Sunrise in Buscalan

Buscalan is a rural mountain village in the northern Philippines.

The best way to visit is a home stay! The sun rises over the rice fields do not disappoint! 

Where: Kalinga, Philippines

Stamp'd by @msheng12. You go girl!

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5) Golden Temple

Also known as Kinkaku-ji, this gorgeous Buddhist temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But there's something more to it...

The temple isn't painted, it is actually covered in gold leaf!

Where: Kyoto, Japan

This Stamp is golden, @michkatravels!

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