You know that feeling when you start getting restless? You start practicing how you'll spontaneously quit your job and triumphantly sell your personal belongings (garage sale style) for just enough money to travel the world? Yeah... so do we. This Bucket List is for all the nomads to be out there!

1) Double Rainbow over Mosi oa Tunya

Mosi oa Tunya ("The Smoke that Thunders") is the local name for Victoria Falls! If you're lucky you can spot a double rainbow in the misty spray. This Stamp is taken from the Zambia side of the falls. 

Pro Tip: Visit Vic Falls on a full moon to catch a glimpse of a lunar rainbow!

100% chance of rainbows in this Stamp. Thanks, @johnmorales!

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2) "Bridge Over a Pond of Lillies" 

Did you know that Monet's famed 1893 oil painting is a real place? The bridge is in Monet's former garden in Giverny, a village in Normandy, France. 

Thanks for the Mon-ay $ shot, @travelandstamp!

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3) Secret Waterfalls

Secret waterfall oasis on your list? Done. Just head to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. This idyllic location is known for its series of terraced lakes and epic waterfalls. Doesn't sound too bad. 

Stamp'd by @hllt23. We're falling for Croatia, that's for sure. 

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4) Downtown Artists' Co-op

Turns out downtown LA is the hip and happenin' place for artists, hipsters, and even the occasional drag queen. 

Pro tip: Snag lunch at Urth Cafe in the Arts District before walking up the road to the Artists' Co-op. 

@sheasoshady, you are too cool for school. Teach us your ways!

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5) Natural Infinity Pools

Ditch the swanky hotel pool - au naturale is the way to go! 

These sweet pools are buried deep in the Guatemalan jungle, and word on the street says getting there ain't easy. Plan to stay a while. 

Stamp'd by @2travelis2live. Nomadic at heart. You're our spirit animal. 

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