Have you been lusting over that old high school friend's FB page that just seems to travel everywhere (you know the one... we also don't know how they afford it), endlessly scrolling through travel pics on Instagram, and maybe even checking your inbox to see if you won that weekend getaway you had to share 389 times to enter? Sorry, not sorry. You've got travel on the brain.

We're here to up the travel envy with the top 5 most tantalizing travel tips and unknown destinations that got Stamp'd by our intrepid travelers this week: 

1) Look out over Lengkuas Island

For only the change in your pocket (5,000 IDR or $0.40 per person to be exact) you can climb to the top of a historic lighthouse to get panoramic views of this incredible secluded island in Belitung, Indonesia.

Stamp'd by @beautifulbelitung. We're in - where do we sign up?! 


2) Catch the view from Hallgrimskirkja 

You can visit the top of Reykjavik's main church for dope views of the colorful city below. 

We may not be able to pronounce anything in Iceland, but this vantage point is definitely on our list of things to do there (higher than trying hákarl, that's for sure). 

Three cheers for @cavi for sharing your Stamp! Skál! 

3) Snorkel with Underwater Statues

You never know what lurks beneath the surface... But here in Nassau, it's these creepy statues! 

You can snorkel with the stone men in Clifton Heritage Park. As if we needed another reason to go to the Bahamas. 

This epic underwater shot was snagged by the aptly named @mermaidkaties

4) Escape the Tourist Trap

It's only a 40min ferry ride from Naples to get to Procida, on the Amalfi Coast!

Word on the street says this seaside town is less touristy and even prettier than its famous next-door neighbor, Positano. 

Grazie, @maiwearsit! This travel tip is molto bene, we must say. 

5) Watch the Sunrise from a Volcano

When in Java Island, Indonesia do as Peaceful Travelers do - wake up at 1am to summit at an active stratovolcano to watch the sunrise. 

The views from Merapi Volcano won't disappoint. 

Stamp'd by legendary morning-people, @peacefultravelers

We admit, we've got travel on the brain too. Do you have an epic, bucket list worthy travel tip? #ShareYourStamp with us and you could be featured on our next list! Download the Stamp app on your Android device or iPhone now using the access code stampblog. And as always, don't forget to #BucketListIt!