The Stamp squad is out kicking up dust and keeping airline staff (sorry, United) in business all across the globe. On a mission to share the best-kept travel secrets, we're curating the coolest must-see travel spots, daily. Welcome to our world, Stamp'd. 

1) Get Lost in Joshua Tree National Park

...But not too lost. Ditch the crowds at Coachella next year by exploring Joshua Tree National Park. 

This massive park covers 1,235 square miles of land at the confluence of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. The park was named for the Dr. Seussian Joshua trees that grow here, not the 1987 U2 Album. Fun Fact. 

Where: Cali, USA

Stamp'd by @shaka.brah. Right on, brother, right on. 

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2) Hike Pico de Pedra

Hit up this stunning area of Brazil for a rigorous hike in the jungle.

Once you get to the top of the climb, you'll be rewarded with a view that lasts for days of the surrounding cities!

Where: Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Soak up those rays, @rejanetakamori!

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3) SUP board to Museo Island 

Ain't no better way to explore Guatemala's 2nd largest lake than by stand up paddle board. Be sure to check out the haphazard museum that contains a rare collection of ancient artifacts in the middle of the lake!

Pro tip: If you stay at Green Monkey Hostel, your first hour is free. 

Where: Peten Lake, Flores, Guatemala

You're a Stand-Up guy, @2travelis2live. Thanks for sharing your Stamp!

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4) Visit Maya Bay 

Maya Bay gained immediate fame as paradise on earth after the destination's appearance in Leo's not-so-career-defining film, The Beach. 

Pro Tip: Maya Bay gets extremely crowded, but we've got the inside track. Maya Bay Tours is the only company allowed to take overnight guests to the bay. #beachenvy. 

Where: Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Thailand 

Thanks for the top-notch tips, @maketravelreal!

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5) Ride a Camel in the Jordanian Desert

May as well be in Mars. When in Jordan, take a trip to Wadi Rum, a protected desert with epic sandstone mountains. 

Tours include 4x4s, hiking, sunset watching, local food and tea, an overnight camping in a tent. Oh, and camel rides!

Where: Wadi Rum, Jordan

Stamp'd by @onegirlwholeworld, who knows we can't resistan adorable ungulate. 

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