Wondering what to do between high tea and happy hour in foggy old London? We got you covered... It's time to take a squiz at the best street art in town. 

1) Glass Octopus

This piece is specially designed to make you feel inadequate  - artistically speaking, that is. Damn you incredibly talented graffiti artist (*shakes fist*). 

Where: Canal Walk, East London

@photoslondon, with thanks from her majesty the queen. 

2) Lady of London

Pro tip: Check out Shoreditch Street Art Tours to get your art on while visiting London.

Where: Shoreditch, London

Roses are red, violets are blue, this Stamp is awesome, and so are you @photoslondon

3) Hands up!

Did you know that "holding thumbs" in Britain is the same as "crossing fingers" in the US? Well, now you do. Go get lucky. 

Where: Brick Lane, East London

Thanks for sharing your Stamp, @mirrorinthesky. We're chuffed to bits. 


4) 'Sup Dog

Woof. This dope doggy is chilling not too far from Kings Cross Station. Look at that face. He reeeally wants you to visit. Go fetch! 

Where: Caledonian Road, London

Stay killing it, @photoslondon. You're the top dog for cool street art Stamps in London town. 

5) Time is Running Out

Blimey! We haven't seen Salvador Dali in yonks! His paintings are all sixes and sevens, but that's what we like about him after all. 

Where: Commercial Street, London

@photoslondon, your Stamps are the (sur)realist. 

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