Skip the reservations and those pesky Manhattan prices. Here are our top 7 favorite cheap eats in Lower Manhattan, Stamp'd. Let the drooling commence. 

1) A Chinatown Burger! 

Stuck in Chinatown and filled your Ramen quota for the month? We know the feeling. Luckily, this Stamp user is here to help. Complete with exposed brick, Breakroom's cozy digs are the perfect NYC spot to get your burger fix.  

Where: The Breakroom at 83 Baxter St New York, NY 10013

What would we do without you @brianrichie? Thanks for sharing. 

2) Muffins a la Crumbs

This sweet-toothed Stamp user nailed it with their description, "Chocolate chip cookie dough muffin with fudge on the inside. Nuff said." Truer words have never been spoken. 

Where: Crumbs Bake Shop at 40 Broad St New York, NY 10004

@bklune you are a lyrical wordsmith and deserve lots of followers. 

3) Ice Cream in a Fish Cone

Man, you can find anything in New York City - including this wonderfully delicious, and mildly creepy fish-shaped ice cream cone. This small joint is serving up funky flavors in their one of a kind cones all day long. PSA: the cone is made of almonds. 

Where: Taiyaki NYC at 119 Baxter St New York, NY 10013

Shoutout to connoisseur of strange food finds @troublemakerhur for sharing.

4) The Best Burrito

We all know burritos are the bomb, and word on the street says these are the best in town. Located right by the water, El Luchador is the perfect spot to grab lunch to go. Pro tip: post up at Pier 15 Park for a burrito with a view. 

Where: El Luchador at 87 South St New York, NY 10038

Muchas gracias to @tcenar for sharing the joys of Mexican streetfood with the world.

5) Unbeatable Burger Deal

Ahh, a burger and a beer. One quirky joint in Little Italy is serving up this holy grail of food combinations, plus a side of fries my friends, on the cheap for only $11. Run don't walk to... 

Where: Genuine Superette at 191 Grand St New York, NY 10013

Big thanks to @brianrichie for letting us know about this top notch place! *snaps* 

6) Ice Cream Rolls?

That's right! Ice cream rolls. Check out this snug shop for Thai-style ice cream, rolled up and ready to go. Choose your toppings and watch an epic ice cream cup appear before your eyes. It's basically magic. 

Where: 10 Below Ice Cream at 10 Mott St New York, NY 10002

@brianrichie you're giving us brain freeze and we love it. 

7) Breakfast Sandwich, FTW

Nothing quells that morning hunger like the best breakfast sandwich in town. Head over to Open Kitchen to get it. 

Where: Open kitchen at 123 William St New York, NY 10038

Stamp'd by the super hungry @brianrichie

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