Bring on clear waters and sunny days. We've searched the seas for the most secluded swim spots on Earth. Get ready to chill!

1) Akatarewa Hot Pools

Hello, secret jungle oasis! 

Leave your bikinis behind, folks, these gorgeous pools are based within the Rotota Sun Club nudist camp. 

Pro tip: Visit the pools at night and turn off your flashlights to see a glow-worm light show!

Where: Rotota Sun Club, Te Kopia Road, Mihi, New Zealand

Stamp'd by @spicy108. You've got us feeling free. 

2) Kawasan Falls

All I see is blue, baby! 

To get to the "pearl of the Philippines", just follow the blue-water river for about 30 min through the jungle and small villages from the town's main road. 

Where: Alegria, Cebu, Philippines

Thanks for sharing this top notch travel tip, @jcecho!

3) Bay of Fires

Snapped from Cosy Corner South, this is the place to go to get a quiet swim in! 

This Stamp user also recommends checking out Sloop Reef for a quiet and protected place to snorkel. 

Where: Between Binalong Bay & Eddystone Point in NE Tasmania

Thanks, @rubberdingy. You're a life saver!

4) Nusa Penida

This untouched island is a 1-hour ferry ride from Bali. Accommodations are basic, so get ready for an authentic experience!

Pro Tip: Crystal Bay and Manta Bay are excellent for diving - you can even swim with Manta Rays. 

Where: Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

@lostagain, where's all the rum gone?!

5) Costa Rican Hot Springs 

Jungle + waterfall + hot spring = chill

While in Costa Rica, it's definitely worth spending a day chilling in the hot springs in Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park. 

Where: Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Stamp'd @erubes1. We like your style. 

6) Blue Lagoon

Enchanté, secluded mountain-top lagoon! 

You can reach this beautiful blue lagoon by taking 'La Petit Train d'Artouste' up through this Pyrenees valley - this is the final stop en route. 

Where: in the French Pyrenees 

Merci, @viajeslocos2017! This Stamp is tres beau! 

7) Gran Cenote

Don't mind if we do... this jungle oasis doesn't look too shabby. 

Better yet, this is the gateway to a large, dive-able cave system. Snag some snorkel gear nearby and check out the underwater stalagmites and stalactites below!

Where: Tulum, Mexico

Just keep swimming, @melissa.larissa

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