It's a wild world out there. That leaves us with only one option: to get out there and explore it. From multi-colored boiling volcanic lakes to the highest freshwater system on Earth, mother nature has not disappointed us this week! 

1) Horse ride at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon NP covers over 145 square kilometers in southern Utah. This vast park is home to incredible spire-shaped rock formations called hoodoos.

The park's many hiking trails are awesome by foot, but upgrading to 4 hoofs might just be an even better way of getting around!

Where: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

Stamp'd by horse-whispering explorer, @travelloverp

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2) Catch the view from Piedra del Penol

Piedra del Penol is a massive monolithic rock formation (aka bloody big stone) in the municipality of Guatapé.

Visitors can hike up Piedra del Penol for an unreal view over the island dotted Embalse del Penol. 

Where: Guatapé, Colombia

Island vibes brought to you by @laurism17!

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3) Overlook the Gokyo Lakes

Nepal's Gokyo Lakes are the world's highest freshwater lake system at up to 5,000-meters above sea level. 

The turquoise lakes are a must-see for anyone trekking to Everest Base Camp!

Where: Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Just keep trekking, @ded13, just keep trekking. 

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4) Visit locals at Zinacantan

This local village in southern Mexico is home to incredible craftspeople!

The women here are expert embroiderers can make beautiful textiles and other keepsakes. Paying a visit is a great way to immerse in traditional Mexican culture. 

Where: San Lorenzo Zinacantán, Chiapas, Mexico

Thanks to @travelgraziola for sharing this insider knowledge!

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5) Explore Volcanic Lakes 

The volcanic lakes at Kelimutu National Park are nothing short of spectacular. 3 different lakes share the same volcanic peak but are remarkably different colors. 

The 3 pools are green, blue, and deep red! Ancient myth says the lakes are the resting place of the ancestors of local people. 

Where: Kelimutu National Park, Indonesia

Big thumbs up to @freddydinata for sharing this awesome travel tip with us!

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