1) What is a Stamp?

A Stamp is a location-based insight that a user would tell a friend about if they their friend was in a specific location.  

2) How do I edit my Stamps?

iOS: Go to “My Passport”, then “My Travel Log”, select the Stamp you wish to edit, click the button on the top right, then select Edit.  If you would like to change the picture, you need to create a whole new Stamp.  It is recommended to copy the text before you delete it in order to save time.  

3) How do I get my friends to download Stamp?

iOS: Go to “My Passport”, and click either button in the bottom right hand corner. The blue will initiate a text, the orange-ish will initiate an email. Also feel free to post about it on social media or tell your friends. Remember the utility of Stamp depends on who you follow. More sharing features are coming soon!

4) How can I see who I follow?

Go to “My Passport”, then “My Travel Log”. Click on following / followers to see respective lists. You can also swipe to remove people you follow.

Also if you would like to view who other people follow, follow them, and then you’ll be able to see their lists.

5) How do I find friends on Stamp?

At the moment we have limited resources but to find friends you can a) if you know their username, add them by clicking My Passport then pressing Search for Travelers.  Finally, type their username and add or b) if you know of a friend who might have them in their follow lists, go look through your friend’s following/follower list or c) get in touch with them outside of Stamp. We plan on implementing more tools in the next release to make it easier for you to find your friends.

6) How can I view my bucket list on a map?

It’s very easy! From My Passport, click My Bucket List and then the blue circle on the bottom right of the list.  

7) What is a private stamp?

Private Stamps are insights that you do not necessarily want everyone to know about other than your friends or family members.Therefore, only followers that you accept can see these Stamps.  

8) How do I change my password?

Open My Passport and click on the Travel Log.  Then, choose the button on top right.  Finally, you can enter first your old password and, then your new one.  

9) How do I retrieve my lost password?

When on the login page click, ‘More’ on the bottom right.  Next, click forgot password and type your email. Then, choose “send reset password”  Finally, wait 5-10 minutes for an email with a reset token of which you will be given explicit directions as to where to go from here.  

10)  How do I sign into Stamp?

On the sign-in screen, click the ‘more’ button.  Then click ‘sign-in’

11) How do I see who liked my stamps?

Two ways a) You can view your likes by clicking the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the ‘Explore Page’. Or b) You can click on a Stamp in the feed, and then click the big # next to the heart.

12) Can you change your user name?

At the moment, users are unable to change their usernames. You can always register a new account name, but your previous Stamps will not transfer.

13) When can I use Stamp and why should I?

A) Want something to do in your area? Check to see if there’s a Stamp for ya.
B) Did something cool and want to share it with your friends / world. Or do you want to relive a past adventure while sharing it with your friends. Stamp it.
C) Wanna explore the world from your couch. Use Stamp!

14) None of this answered my question. What now?

Just send a quick email to hello@stamptraveltips.com, and we are excited to answer your questions.   A Stamp team member will get back to you as soon as possible.