Stamp Internships

Students who are looking for digital marketing and startup experience can apply to intern with the Stamp Travel team. Internship applicants must exhibit strong written and verbal communication, have an independent and a self-starter mentality and an interest in gaining valuable startup experience. Most interns are study abroad students who have a passion for traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. 

What do Stamp Interns do? 

  • Commit 5 hours a week to Stamp tasks
  • Implement strategic online and in-person initiatives
  • Visit hostels, universities, festivals, sporting events, and other events
  • Stamp their travels and adventures during their time abroad

Internships last four months with a minimum 5 hour per week commitment. Internships are unpaid, yet letters of recommendation are gladly provided upon the conclusion of the internship. 

What do Stamp Interns receive?

  • Valuable work experience and opportunity to demonstrate to future employers their work ethic while abroad
  • Experience in a startup environment where ideas are truly valued from everyone involved
  • Inclusion in the network of adventurous and travel-crazed interns located across the globe
  • Ability to demonstrate to future employers their creativity and empirical data of growth due to their initiatives


"My experience while working with Stamp was fun and educational. I learned how to use analytics to increase engagement amongst Stamp’s current users, produced writing content for social media posts and brainstormed new initiatives and strategies to help gain more followers. These are all skills I am able to use in my favor when applying for more internships and further work. The Stamp team is very straightforward when addressing the tasks to complete and are understanding and helpful with questions interns may have regarding these tasks. They are also very understanding of time commitment and don’t ask their interns to take on more than they are capable of. Along with the skills I learned from the internship, I found it very useful using the app and communicating with users while studying abroad because I was able to look at their travel recommendations for places I was going to be visiting in Europe." 

- Katie Corgiat, Santa Clara University Rome Intern 2016