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Jeremiah Sheehy | Stamp's back end "baller" is a workaholic with artificial insomnia and a knack for making s#!* work. Jeremiah's favorite travel adventure was parasailing and scuba scuba diving in Aruba, and he cannot wait to visit Galapagos Islands and New Zealand.

Favorite Stamp: Be sure to visit Chicago at least once in your life, but do yourself a favor and come in the summer. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and be sure to hit up Lou Malnati's: aka the best pizza in the world!

Anton Swarm | Based in Paris, France, Anton is centrally-located to manage the European Stamp Interns. In addition to creating the best possible experience for the Stamp Interns, Anton is using his free time in Paris to study French cooking. Anton loves photography and any activity that brings him outdoors. His favorite travel experience was swimming under the green cliffs on the island of Ravnik, and he is looking forward to backpacking for weeks on end in Patagonia with his favorite sister. 

Favorite Stamp: He says that you must follow him to receive his favorite stamp.

Colby Aiken | After graduating college --with no developing experience -- Stamp’s iOS developer went to Europe for 3 months. Envious of how many languages Europeans knew, he began learning a computer language in late summer of 2014. He believes in 'do what you can't, not can'. Though he wants to travel to Vietnam/Cambodia soon, he thinks he might just go back to Nice/Cannes and do things he can't afford.

Favorite Stamp: While in Cinque Terre, hike the trails and be sure to stop at Manarola. Follow the main street towards the coast and you'll find the best swimming hole.

Brian Lindo | With his "strangers are just future friends" mentality, Brian is responsible for Stamp's partnerships and strategic alliances. When Brian isn't busy uniting travelers across the globe, you can find him dancing (he's a great dancer!) Since he works up a killer appetite through dance, he loves seeking good food while traveling. Brian believes travel is best done together and promotes social travel to ensure everyone has a great time. 

Favorite Stamp: In Cabo San Lucas, take a water taxi over to Lovers Beach to get an up close and personal view of the famous El Arco. Bring cash to enjoy fresh oysters caught and cracked open right in front of you! 

Tom Cenar | Ironically with a background in corporate risk management, Stamp’s risk-prone Tom keeps the Stamp Squad in check with strategic direction and marketing leadership. Tom is always down to hop on a plane for a spontaneous weekend and preaches only boring people get bored. His favorite past adventure has been paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland and he cannot wait to climb Machu Picchu soon.   

Favorite Stamp: The best view of the Chicago skyline is from the Adler Planetarium.

Sidonia Rose Swarm | Due to her startup experience of founding a health tech company, Sidonia focuses on Stamp’s operational demands, strategic vision, but mostly keeping the Stamp boys in line. Aspiring to be the healthy food Anthony Bourdain, she is on a worldwide quest of finding the world’s best açai bowl. A favorite past adventure is island hopping near Palmižana, and she is excited to eat freshly caught tuna at Kyoto's Nishiki market.

Favorite Stamp: Sneak in as a local to Parc Guell in the morning and watch the sunrise over Barcelona.